Photo by Stephanie Lieske

Gustaffo Vargas is a Peruvian comic book artist and writer based in Edinburgh, UK.​

He enjoys working on all kinds of stories, especially science fiction, fantasy and horror. Besides producing sequential comic art he also does illustration art, such as comic covers, pin-ups, editorial art. He also works on character, creature and set designs.

Since 2017 he’s been self-publishing his Peruvian Cyberpunk comics PUNO, MANU, L1MA & TRUJILLO. Where he explores Pre-Columbian culture & southamerican societies, artificial intelligence and cybernetics in dystopian worlds. MANU won the '2019 Best UK Independent Comic of the Year'. He’s working on his fifth Peruvian Cyberpunk book: PILCUYO. He’s a member of the SkrawlLordz. ​

He’s worked with Dan Abnett as lead artist and character design artist for Seasons 1 & 2 of the science fiction comic CRAYTA by Unit 2 Games, he's made illustration work for Heavy Rotation by Shelly Bond and Time Before Time: Process Edition by Declan Shalvey.​

He has worked with UK independent publishers such as Accent UK, Mad Robot Comics, Cabal Comics, Sassafras Press, Burnt Barn, MADIUS, Future Quake Press and Time Bomb Comics. He’s participated in several Comic Anthologies in the UK. In Peru he’s published work with Carboncito and In Planet Stereo magazine.​

He is available to take work in comic art, illustration, character and concept design. He’s also happy to participate in interviews and podcasts.
You can find him at: artefactop@hotmail.com